Our fifth business area is focused on Industrial Support; was born from the detection of multiple needs in our first four business areas, FISHING, MINING, AGRICULTURE, WOOD, and aims to cover and speed up industrial maintenance and repair of machinery and infrastructure that require it, prior to and during production tasks.

Among the services we provide, we highlight:

  • Industrial manufacturing, maintenance and repair services.
  • Maintenance services for boats, trucks and machinery that have failures and must be attended to in the field.

Our services are characterized by:

  • Generate timely and rapid attention on the ground, allowing fleets and infrastructures to remain operational.
  • Deliver an engineering and technical service, through predictive maintenance planning for facilities and machinery.
Biosoil generation as a solution to industrial waste problems

Through the use of waste from residential sewage (sewers), industrial fishing waste and industrial wood waste, a biosoil with adequate characteristics for the improvement of forest, agricultural and urban soils (gardens) was generated. Additionally, the contamination generated by these companies was eliminated, generating a product with added value.

We worked together with companies, universities and government entities.

Land improvement flooding problems

Improvement of the terrain of a company located in an industrial sector that presented flooding problems. Negotiation was generated so that filling companies deposit their material and thus enhance all their land (7 hectares). Until now they have no problems with flooding.

Artisanal Purse-seine Vessel Improvement
Machine room
Technification Artisanal Fishing Vessel Squid Fishing

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