DIESVA Wood specializes in producing dimensioned Radiata Pine lumber, in its various dimensions, humidity and qualities. The experience gained and our qualified staff allow us to generate the quality that customers require.


Our products are made for the export market. Our offer consists of:

  • Green Sawn Wood
  • Dry Sawn Lumber
  • Blocks
  • Finger Joints
  • Planed Dry Wood
  • Impregnation planks and Impregnation services.

The dimensions (thickness, width, length) that we can process our woods are varied, so they will depend on the requirements of each client.


DIESVA Wood is oriented to the development of furniture that combines the use of high-quality solid wood in a wide variety, excellent finishes, customization and affordable prices, which has allowed us to reach a large number of customers.


Flexibility, customization and innovation.

  • We deliver furniture assembled or ready to assemble (RTA), as required by the client.
  • We offer the alternative for our clients to choose the raw material to be used, from a wide range of native woods (raulí, chestnut, etc.) and exotics (pine, eucalyptus, etc.).
  • Thanks to our wide range of pigments and dyes, we can offer both traditional colors and stronger and more intense innovative colors, without losing the natural attributes of the wood, such as its grain, knots, freckles, among others.

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